This ­čÉ║ Carving almost sent me to the Hospital ­čśČ

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This Epoxy and Wood Carving almost sent me to the ER! I am beyond thrilled with how this carved sculpture came out! #woodcarving #epoxy #carving
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3D rendering by Laura Mercadal @mercadal_laura

Products Used:
-MAS Epoxy (Get 10% off ALL products + free shipping using code ‘Blake’ at checkout):

-Sander 3×4 and 6″ Surfprep – Receive 10% off by using code ‘bmsculptures’
-Finish I used-
-To get the extra sheen on my finish:
-UV cure resin-
-20V Chainsaw (highly recommend) –
– Re-usable hazmat suit-
-Saburtooth Carving Discs & Burrs-
-Carving disc – Medium-
-Carving disc- Aggressive-
– Carving burr- Fine-
-Carving Burr- Aggressive-
– Carving Burr 1/8″ shaft-
-Carving Burr 1/8″ shaft-
– Arbortech Mini Carver-
-Bessey Clamps-
-Small Orbital Air Sander (different color)-
-Nylon wheel to clean up burl-
-Sawhorse (LOVE this thing)-
-Echo 18″ Chainsaw-
-High Grit Sandpaper-
-Polishing Extra Fine Sandpaper-

My Camera-
Camera Mic-
Voiceover Mic-

00:00 Intro
00:38 Curveball
01:01 Glue Up
02:19 Wood Sealing
02:41 Past sculptures turn into something new
03:52 Prepping mold
06:16 epoxy pour
07:01 cutting boards
07:50 Failure
09:20 Restart
10:09 Major failure
13:24 Cutting Boards
14:59 Successful pour
15:28 Power Carving
18:14 Details
20:02 Wolf Eyes
20:44 Sanding & Polishing
21:49 Applying Finish
22:11 Big Reveal
23:16 Purchase cutting Boards

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