Tales of Symphonia Colette Solo: Wind Master [No Items/Mania/No Damage/No Spell Cancelling]

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Doing a playthrough of Symphonia to record some content for a potential future video so I figured I’d do some solos along the way. This boss is so easy I decided not to use spell cancelling to give him a fighting chance. This is probably the safest method to beating Wind Master damageless lol.

I used a similar strategy as I did with Adulocia. I kept my distance so he would use Wind Blade which gives me a chance to run in and hit him. All of his attacks can be consistently dodged with backstepping. However, I needed to make sure that I was backstepping as he started his attack while he was moving towards me. This way, I didn’t have to worry about the large hitbox of the attacks.

The combo I used in this video (Pow Hammer-Ray Satellite-Whirlwind Rush) seems to be really strong against the Wind Master. It breaks his guard every time and cancels his attacks if he tries. It also tends to stun him a lot which increases the amount of times you can hit him in a row.

BGM: Take The Windward! from Trails of Cold Steel II


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