Sonic Mania, but it's 40 Mini Levels?! – Sonic Mania VR Missions Mod

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Sonic Mania, but it’s 40Mini Levels?! – Sonic Mania Mod
? Get Sonic Mania VR Mission Mode here:
? Sonic Mania mod by: jubbalub

? SONIC MANIA VR is a mod for Sonic Mania inspired by the ROM hack Sonic VR that adds 40 missions to play. These bite-sized challenges all have a simple objective: complete the challenge without getting hit, and grab the Phantom Ruby at the end. The missions vary in difficulty, and all challenge you in a different way, be it a specific control, enemy, obstacle, or level concept. The mod feature an abstract, cyberspace aesthetic, as well as music by Anamanaguchi.

? Thumbnail art by: Orangesyum88
► Check out Orangesyum88 here:

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