Method Feeder Pellet Preparation – Make your bait different!!

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Method Feeder Pellet Preparation – Make your bait different!!

Preparing soft pellets for the method feeder or hybrid feeder can be confusing but this is the simplest way of getting perfect pellets every time whilst offering the fish something a bit different.

If you like these fishing videos please think about subscribing…. I love all aspects of fishing so whether it’s trying to catch more fish on the pole, fishing the feeder or just enjoy carp fishing. Match fishing and primarily uk match fishing is what I love to do. Carp are often the main target but bream, F1s and other silverfish are often the way to win a fishing match. The biggest matches are often won with the simplest approach and Hard pellet fishing is one of the top methods for commercial fisheries, couple
Hard pellet fishing with a margin fishing approach using sweetcorn for big carp or luncheon meat and that’s often a winning tactic for a snake lake when targeting carp. Method feeder fishing or hybrid feeder fishing is a tactic that works especially well and something that will catch more fish on any Uk fishery, method feeders and hybrid feeders are great when used with pellets and wafters or mini boilies as the perfect hookbait for carp, F1s and bream. Fishing videos are a great way of learning and I try to include a Live match where I take the GoPro camera to a match fishing environment and filming a match fishing event a detail the decision making process including watercraft when to feeder fish and when to pole fish and the right time of day to fish in the margins

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