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Making a fishing feeder that everyone is very interested in this style of fishing. A fishing feeder is a fishing bait sprayer to which the fish bait is attached and connected to the main thread of the lancer and thrown at the farthest point of the waterFishing feeders help a lot to attract fish and make fish gather in one place. You can use canned corn, maggot worms, boilies and other baits, but baits like pop-up are one of the best. To make this fishing feeder, I used a waterproof wire and a small spring, so that the bait can be firmly attached to it. The fishing weight used is suitable because the bait added to the feeder makes it heavier.

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Making a new fishing feeder:👇✅


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Carp fishing feeder:👇✅


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Fish bite sensitive alarm: 👇✅

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