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Today see’s us launch a host of products which are perfect for the summer angling campaign!

First up are the Supera X float rods. Designed using the same revolutionary technology that has made the Supera X feeder range so successful, the NEW float rods feature super slim blanks, epic fish playing actions and light weight minima guides.

Available in 11,12 & 13ft to cover all aspects of float fishing.

Next, we have three much wanted additions to the Dura Slip range of elastics, sizes 3, 21 & 23. These are sizes which we’ve been asked countless times for!

The Hardcase range of luggage as proven to be a huge hit, the latest addition to the range is the Cool Safe. Built using a strong EVA, hardcase lid & thick thermal lining the Cool Safe is a must have item for those warm summer days!

XS02-B Hooks are next and what a hook these are! The strongest spade end hook in our range, these hooks feature a super thick wire and razor-sharp point. Available in sizes 16-8

Finally, we have a range of accessories, including a groundbait catapult, Worm Scissors, ICS 360 Beads AND two pre-tied feeder rigs. All of which are set to be hugely popular

The Preston Innovations YouTube channel is the hub for all match anglers and pleasure anglers to learn about the latest and greatest fish catching techniques.
Our channel will keep you up to date with the latest Preston Innovations tackle releases and also provide you with some stunning fishing films to inspire you to go fishing and catch more fish!

We feature some of the very best and most successful match fishermen such as Des Shipp, Lee Kerry, Andy May, Andy Findlay and Andy Power along with the rest of the incredible Preston Innovations team!

Preston Innovations are the leaders in producing fishing tackle that is purpose designed to meet the needs of the modern match angler. Our team of consultants and the design team constantly strive to stay ahead of modern trends and tactics and produce the kit that you NEED to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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