HOW TO FISH THE METHOD FEEDER – with BREAD CRUMB and BREAD FLAKE! – Cheap Highly Effective Technique

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As you can see from watching this awesome afternoon session I had at a local coarse fishery … The method feeder bread bomb can be one of the cheapest and most effective technique when fishing the method feeder! Using bread as ground bait can really get fish competing on the bottom and also draw them down from the upper layers. You can use this with a piece of bread flake on the hook or a contrasting bait like corn or a bright wafter which will stand out from the bread crumb on the feeder. The bread breaks down almost as well as ground bait at a fraction of the price!

Tackle and Bait I use –

Deeper –
Shimano reels-
Daiwa reels –
Wafters- (pink washed out)
line – (my favourite line) 8-10lb
Washed out wafters and attractant – (great stuff)
rods –
pentalite shelter –
Hooklinks –
Method feeders –
My feeders –
foxBib and brace – fishing outfit –
Sticky wafters –
Rod semi stiff holdall bag –
Tackle base rucksack- (highly recommend)
rods – (great products)
Rod rest –
Prestongripper but rests-
Eva ground bait and riddle set-
Landing net-
camera –
Go pro –

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