Clearing the Community Plot: Week 2: Why are we not 'No Dig' on this overgrown ground?

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We have taken on a new project to clear a half plot that will be set up as a community garden on our allotment ground. The plot will be used as a base to run activities/socials for members, as well as having a memorial garden and raised beds to grow veg/flowers specially for fundraising purposes at our Annual Open Day.

Rachel discusses where we are up to at the end of the second weekend working on the overgrown allotment including a debate on why we have chosen to initially dig this plot before converting over to a ‘No Dig’ system.

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At Don’t Crop Me Now we have 500sq.m of space comprising 1 full plot and 2 halves and follow a ‘No Dig’ method in raised beds. We grow a wide range of fruit, veg and flowers which supply our kitchen all year round. We are not fully self-sufficient, but we shop very rarely.

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