Brasenose One At Linear Fisheries With Our Ambassador Luke!

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Join me this week at the Linear Fisheries complex, specifically at Brasenose 1, as we embark on a mission to find the Beast of Brasenose, known to emerge around this time of year.

Accompanying me is Luke, a new addition to our creative ambassador team. Today, we’ll be joining forces to complete a carp fishing session together, sharing tips and techniques to maximize our chances of a successful catch.

During our carp fishing session, Luke and I will discuss the details of our swim and the specific spots we have chosen to fish. By sharing our insights and observations, we hope to improve our strategy and increase the likelihood of landing some big catches.

Luke shared the details of his mix and the exact bait he is using for his margin rod, which includes a combination of hemp with flat spot, pellets, fish and fruit and nut boilies, and chops. With this diverse bait selection, he’s hoping to attract a wide variety of carp and increase his chances of a successful catch.

Observe as Luke and I bait up the selected area with our carefully crafted mix, aiming to entice the carp to our hooks. We’ll take you through the process step-by-step, explaining the reasoning behind our approach and sharing our techniques for achieving an effective and attractive bait setup.

We manage to bring a carp up to the surface for the camera to capture and we’re excited to share it with our audience. Stay tuned as we continue to explore and appreciate the wonders of carp fishing.

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