Big Carp on the Preston Innovations Monster X 7ft Wandzee. Easy work and fish from under the rod tip

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Had to meet a film crew today and being local I thought I’d have a few hours on Croft Pool peg 28. Keeping it simple I opted for the 7ft Wandzee using the ICM System.

Tarting up the fishery Pellets with Revolution Baits Rainbow Crunch, spraying Revolution Baits Brazem Yellow Enhancer on the pellets between casts kept the bites coming. Nothing complicated on the hook, just a 6mm fishery pellet in a band.

I know the world loves a bit of silicone on the hook when fishing Hairs but it’s just not the case. My catch rate and hookup rate is much higher without and in the video I explain why. I’m no gold medalist so I can give away most things.

Weather was up and down all day but it didn’t stop these carp feeding for a few hours.

Filled a few hours and a nice way of testing out the Wandzee for big Carp too.

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