Adam Penning “The Return” – Nash Off The Hook Podcast – S2 Episode 134

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This week the podcast sees the return of former guest and one of the finest UK big carp hunters Adam Penning.

Adam picks up from where he left off his last podcast talking about his concluding capture of “Tyson” a very big, very hard earned common carp which saw him end his campaign. He goes on to speak about notable other escapades on various other Venus such as The Wharf, The Essex Reserve and also the premier day ticket complex that is Bluebell Lakes.

Adam has recently launched “Pennings Carp Academy” an online educational carp fishing platform and he talks all about how this came to be and how this increased workload and different direction will impact his fishing as well as allow him to spread his vast knowledge to others. For more information on this and to check it out head to the following link….

Finally Adam is known for his outward opinions about such things as COVID vaccinations as well as other global world issues. He talks about his beliefs and thoughts on these matter which he believes need to be shed light upon in order to help educate people future.

As ever its a fascinating insight into and incredible carp fishing mind. Adam is a brilliant story teller and this podcast goes from emotional tears to extreme laughter, its got it all!


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