1407/1500 Ancient Nolskol Dragon-Dragon Mania Legends | Oyar Return Ancient Event | DML

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Today i opned some chest in Red Talon Dungeon and collected 69 Tickets Anicent Tickets
Opened 134 Ancient tickets, got talisman and now i have total 1407, need 93 more talisman for Nolskol Dragon.

Below are the event details
Chapter 1: 30 Jan – 13 Feb
Chapter 2: 13 Feb – 27 Feb
Dragon Board
Roll the dice to collect event currency and progress around the board. During Chapter 1, the main prize is the returning Artoba Dragon, while in Chapter 2 you’ll be searching for Reisk.

Double Trouble
Learn about Oyar’s adventure through the Double Trouble battles, where you can also collect Ancient Tickets. The brand-new Lilac Knight Dragon is available to collect during Chapter 1, while the Centurion Dragon is the main prize in Chapter 2!

Ancient Chests
Chapter 1: King, Warg and Runic Dragons
Chapter 2: Fairy Dust, Shadowpuff and Amphibian Dragons

Ancient Altar
As always, the Altar will return with the brand-new Ancient Dragon, Nolskol, and the returning Iolhan available during Chapter 1. On 13 Feb another new Ancient, Malitzal, will be added to the Altar.

And if you purchase the Talisman Generator, then you’ll also unlock access to Tezacueva to purchase with Talismans from the Altar.

Collection Event
If you manage to hatch and place the Nolskol, Malitzal, Lilac Knight and Centurion Dragons into your habitats before 6 Mar, then you’ll unlock the returning Ancient Divine Fire Dragon, Oyar.

Movie Marathon
Tune in to the Movie Marathon on the first week of each chapter (30 Jan – 6 Feb and 13 Feb – 20 Feb) for additional Ancient Tickets to be collected just by watching ads.

Ancient Dungeons
Throughout the event we’ll have special Ancient Dungeons where, as with previous events, you’ll be able to collect Ancient Tickets from inside the Dungeon’s chests.

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1407/1500 Ancient Nolskol Dragon-Dragon Mania Legends | Oyar Return Ancient Event | DML
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