100 Players Simulate The PURGE in Minecraft

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100 Players Simulate The Purge in Minecraft
Play World of Tanks here:

Use code TANKMANIA to get 250k credits, 7 Days Premium Account, Premium Tank Excelsior, 3 rental tanks for 10 battles each: Tiger 131, Cromwell B, and T34-85M. The code only works for new players.

This video was inspired by @ForgeLabs! check out his purge video if you haven’t already:

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More Info:
This is a Minecraft Social Experiment where 100 Players Simulate The Purge over a week. Players had to complete challenges to earn hearts, and could also obtain legendary weapons like the Warden Crossbow!
Some of the visuals and audio were recorded after the event was over, and some content is inaccurate/incomplete for the purposes of storytelling and simplification.

Edited By: SpeedSilver, iiLuna, Eldi and Marbar

00:00 – 100 Players Simulate The Purge in Minecraft
05:11 – World of Tanks (Sponsor)
06:11 – 100 Players Simulate The Purge in Minecraft

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