10 things i hate about high sens mouse

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slider break is daily routine smh

Player :

Keyboard : Corsair K65 Rapidfire, Cherry MX Speed Switch (C V)
Mouse : Logitech G304 (TigerArc Glider mod) (DPI 1200 sens 1,66)
Mousepad : DAXA Cordura
Resolution : 1980×1080 75Hz

About me :
Hello, you can call me Carrot, i am Indonesian osu player who get used to play with high sens. I discovered osu from my friend who plays mania at 2015 (but i am more interested with standard lol). playing at home PC until 2018 peppy decided to stop fallback version support to go online, it was sad since i have really old PC that cant run latest osu. So for now i only play at iCafe with my own gear

Support me to have my own PC

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