बथुआ खाये 5 रोगों को दूर भगाए || Nature Mania

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बथुआ खाये 5 रोगों को दूर भगाए || Nature Mania

Bathua/Chenopodium Album-A medicinal plant
About This Video…
ठंड के मौसम में बथुआ खाने से एंटीऑक्सीडेंट एक्टिविटी में सुधार हो सकता है. जो इम्यूनिटी बढ़ाता है. वैसे भी हरी सब्जियों में फाइबर, विटामिन, खनिज, लोहा, फोलिक एसिड, कैल्शियम और पोटेशियम भरपूर होता है. जो सीजनल इंफेक्शन के साथ-साथ हार्ट रिलेटिड डिजीज, डायबिटीज और कॉन्सटिपेशन जैसी पुरानी बीमारियों से भी बचाती है.

In this video I have shown that how bathua is very important for everyone health 🌿
Eating bathua can improve antioxidant activity and has loads of medicinal benefits which could basically help build immunity.
Your Queries:-👇

What is bathua used for?
Inexpensive and rich in micronutrients such as “iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and Vitamins A, C and B6, Bathua is an incredibly nutritious winter food.” Bathua also works as a ‘rakta shodhak’ or blood purifier and ‘yakrit utejak’ or liver activator, according to Dr Kohli. It helps to curb “winter toxins” as well.
Is bathua good for health?

Bathua leaves are a fantastic method to increase immunity, add vitamins to your diet, and lose weight. The leafy vegetable also known as Chenopodium album is rich in vital vitamins and minerals while being low in calories.
Which vitamin is present in bathua?
Rich in Micronutrients: Bathua is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C and B6. All these micronutrients make bathua incredibly nutritious and a winter diet essential.
What is the English name for bathua?

Bathua or lamb’s-quarter is a leafy vegetable found during the winter months. A wild relative of the spinach plant, in India it is cooked in much the same way as spinach.
Is bathua good for liver?
Bathua is extremely beneficial to our liver. It also lowers the level of liver enzymes in the blood – regular bathua consumption may keep the liver healthy.
Is bathua a herb?
These dark, leafy greens are also related to amaranth, spinach and beetroot. Bathua holds immense significance in India’s culinary history. Considered an ancient seasonal green, Bathua is prepared just like the other saag preparations and consumed widely for its rich taste and health properties.
What are the side effects of bathua?
5 Side Effects of Consuming Bathua Leaves in Excess
Diarrhoea. Bathua contains a lot of oxalic acids, which, if consumed in excess, lead to stomach pain and constipation. …
Miscarriage. …
Affected Fertility. …
Skin Allergies. …
Lack of Calcium.
How much protein is in bathua?

High on protein

100g fresh leaves of bathua has about 4.2g protein. This is higher than most vegetables as spinach has 2.8g .
What all can be made from bathua?
Bathua recipes (468)
Achari methi Puri with pethe ki sabzi and bathua raita. bathua raita•bathua•achari puri•wheat flour•chane ka aata•Salt• …
Bathua Ka Paratha. …
Mixed millet partha with bathua and methi leaves. …
Bathua ki Raita. …
Aloo bathua parantha. …
Bathua raita. …
Is bathua hot or cold?

Interestingly, bathua is considered warming for the body in winters and keeps the digestive tract healthy by promoting useful gut flora. More because this pre-biotic leafy green is mostly eaten along with homemade yogurt in north India.

Is bathua rich in iron and calcium?
You see, bathua is a powerhouse of vitamins A, C and B along with being rich in essential minerals and antioxidants. It is a good source of amino acids, iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium, making it very healthy to consume.
How do you eat Bathua seeds?
04/5​Bathua Sabzi
Heat oil in a kadhai, add cumin seeds and onion. Saute for a minute.
Now add red chilli powder, salt and tomatoes. Cook for another 4-5 minutes.
Add cooked soya chunks and bathua. Add ½ cup water, cover the lid and cook till the water evaporates.
Lastly add garam masala, mix and serve.

I am here to provide you knowledge about Nature, all type of plants like ornamental and medicinal, please feel free to ask any question about Nature and plant.
I will definitely answer you.

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